Spano Design Agency

Creating websites
─ telling your story

A laptop that displays a collection of different website designs - screenshots of work completed by Spano.
Two smartphones that each display a different website page that was designed by Spano for different clients.

Your next website

One that will express your character, vision and journey.


Please, rest assured: this does not mean that we are going to compromise on imagery and engaging animations !


Smooth transitions, fresh fonts, and attractive sections - creating a seamless journey that optimally introduces your story !

Accessible and effective

A design that adjusts to every screen size and supports a variety of accessibility settings. Important: this is valued highly by Google as one of their core factors for SEO* !
* Ranking on search engines

Designed and built

From strategy brainstorming to launching a fully functional website.


Two people operating a furniture production machine.

PROGRES Sulawesi

A Sulawesi Flying Fox, one of the species that PROGRES Sulawesi tries to protect. It is the main image of their homepage.
Interior Design


A big amphitheater within an office - it is used for team gatherings. This is the main image of AVIP's new website.
Kids furniture


A kids chair with a stuffed animal sitting on it. It is one of the main images of their website.

Who... ?

Spano is run by Onno Spanjaart.
More about this being
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Onno Spanjaart on the beach