Hey there! 

I am Onno — someone who thoroughly enjoys creating websites, new adventures and meeting (new) people.
Onno Spanjaart is enthusiastically turning to the camera and wearing a rainbow striped shirt.
Onno Spanjaart is sitting behind his laptop in a cafe. He's wearing a bright colored stripes shirt.
Onno Spanjaart is trying to hide behind a tiny leaf. On his right, there is a wall covered with leaves that are turning red due to the fall season.

Creating websites is the most joy I've ever experienced while working

Why? Well, this might be because it combines two areas I am fascinated about: 


Figuring out 'who is it for?' and tailoring the website towards the right end-user(s).


Designing a unique experience that tells a story and leaves a lasting impression
I look forward to further exploring how combining both forces can lead to new outcomes! 

Life, besides work:

(Something crucial is missing here. Can you guess what?)
comedy shows
meeting friends
Party on the beach during a sunset
animation shows
music festivals

Time to talk?

Onno walking down a flight of stairs and is waving to the camera.
'Yes, it is'
Arrow pointing left